#strongerthan : Katie Key

By Katie Key  

In my opinion, Malala Day is already a huge success. The fact that there are already change makers, inequality fighters, and terrorist survivors is enough to celebrate Malala Day every day. However, none of it would have been as influential and powerful if it wasn’t for Malala Yousafzai. She may be three years younger than me, but she is my hero and my inspiration.  The greatest part about Malala Day and the ideals that surround it is that none of those characteristics and demographics – age, religion, race, gender, socioeconomic status – should define someone or make them unequal. All of it doesn’t matter. Malala has taught me that I am #StrongerThan all of those things that people define me as. Malala has taught me that there truly is nothing as powerful than being #StrongerThan those that want to see you fail.  Malala has taught me that if I want to be a change maker and inequality fighter that I am #StrongerThan any doubt in my mind. Why? Because together we are #StrongerThan any thing that could stop us. That is why Malala Day is already a huge success…and it is only just getting started.

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