#strongerthan : Natalia Atwal

Malala Yousafzai a young women from a country close to our own. However the ideals of this country are far from our own.

Swat Valley a place that over the years has fallen to the ruling of a notorious Islamist militant group. The ideals and foundation of this group hinder the growth of women and many other large groups in the area. Women for generations have lived and obeyed to the demands of a male dominated society in the area. Some how by the power invested in her a young fearless leader rose. She is a seventeen year old women fighting for what she believes is right and fare. Malala works to open doors for young women, she fights to create a society we may often take for granted. A society that allows women to learn grow and become powerful CEO’s and Secretary of States. So on July 14th we celebrate a young women who has made it out of the fire to create her own change and fight for what is right. So today, remember than you are #strongerthan your biggest fear.

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