Abortion - A Necessary Social Ill Towards Our Female Sisters?

By: Sharmin S.

Abortion has become a long and controversial topic for the females of todays society. Many consider this topic to be taboo, but in order to understand it and decipher its positive and negative consequences, we need to inform ourselves and others about it. That being said, many young women of today’s society are forced into aborting their unborn children due to societal pressures, i.e. they were told their actions proved them unworthy  and therefore are forced to abort their children.

Sadly this becomes the reality of many women, but we need not make our female counterparts feel contemptible and ostracized. Instead we, as a community, need to find a way to ameliorate their problems. In an article published by the Human Life Alliance a woman proclaims her story about abortion. Many people told her it would be a “quick fix,” and she believed, due to the opinions of others, that her life would be better; but nay, she suffered continuous depression and self-hatred. At the end of the day her opinion was skewed by others and to this day her life is filled with regret and sorrow for her deceased baby.

In a study by the Elliot Institute women who aborted their children had a higher suicide rate than those who gave birth to their children. Out of 100,000 women the average annual suicide rate in 1989  for those who gave birth was 3.0 compared to those who aborted their children, which was 7.8.  Another study found that women who aborted had a 65% chance of acquiring a long term clinical condition such as depression. Along with psychological distress caused by abortion, physical complications can also arise among women who follow through with the process of abortion; some of which are the perforation of the uterus, hemorrhaging, cardiac arrest, etc..

Obviously an abortion is not an easy decision, but a woman is a rational being and needs to make decisions for herself. We should never let our sisters live with guilt, and psychological or  clinical problems, but neither should we burden our sisters with children they believe are better with God or any divine being. At the end of the day every mother and mother-to-be has to make her own decision without external pressures or imposed guilt.

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