Bathing Suitable

By: Leah Weigel

As Spring is approaching many of us, the “bikini body” season is lurking in the air. Internet ads and media are slowly amping up their “try this diet,” “how to lose 10 pounds in 1 week,” and “get the flat stomach you’ve always wanted” ads and commercials. It is very overwhelming to see such push to “fix” women’s bodies before they might be more exposed than usual. It is also very easy to get caught up in believing that you have to “get ready” or “prepare” for a certain season.

I will tell you right now that the notion that women need to ready there bodies in order to wear a bathing suit is ONLY a marketing technique. The diet industry and clothing companies want nothing more than to feed on the insecurities that women may have about their body. The reality is that, NO, you do not have to have flat abs to feel/look good in a bathing suit. No, you do not have to loose 10 pounds to “prepare” for a season. And NO, it is not anybodies responsibility to make you feel like your body is not bathing suitable.

I saw a quote once that said: “How to get a Bikini Body: put a Bikini on your body.” As the spring sneaks up on us, I encourage you to remove the pressures of dieting or excessive exercise to “prep” your body. There is nothing wrong with eating a healthy diet and staying physically fit, but so many times those things are done with the motivation linked to body image. Work out because it makes you feel good and its healthy for your body. If you’re going to diet, do it so your body gets healthier, not for the concern of people that might see your body in a bathing suit.

How radical would it be if women assumed a healthy lifestyle for THEMSELVES and not so other people might like the way their body looks more? If you jiggle a little, embrace it. If your stomach has a curve, own that curve. Radical self love is so essential to women everywhere. Now we can stop worrying about fixing our bodies, and start worrying about how to live life to our fullest potential.

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