Bearing Torches

By: Nikki W.

Our friends at Fem2.0 tweeted a great quote from Marlo Thomas about the need for women to help one another succeed. Writing for the Huffington Post last month, Thomas said:

“If there’s one thing we trailblazers figured out, it’s that you need to lift up many women, not just one woman. For women there’s safety in numbers. If you have only one woman at the table, she’s a pest. Two women? That’s a team. But three? Now that’s a coalition.”

I had a great post planned with lots of personal experience details to explain why it’s so important for women to support one another, but then I read this post by Dr. Jen Shewmaker and now I’m just going to quote her. So, what she said:

When I think about the opportunities that I have that my mother and grandmother didn’t, and the fact that my daughters have even more, I’m encouraged. But at the same time, there are some painful truths that must be considered. The ones I mentioned above just begin to scratch the surface. Women are still underpaid across the board. Women are still subjected to the idea that their primary value comes from their physical appearance and their ability to be the object of someone else’s pleasure. Women still face the challenge of trying to use their talents while balancing their personal lives in a way that is generally foreign to men, especially if a woman has children.

So, I’m cautiously optimistic. I love Thomas’ article and the truths that she speaks about progress for equality. And I’m reminded of this quote,

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.  ~Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler”

As long as people, both men and women, think of feminism as anything other than the notion that women are people and deserve to be treated with equality, there is still progress to be made. I’m ready to pick up the torch, how about you?

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