Breaking Down Body Positivity: Why healthy≠better

Hi, everyone! Lucy Danger, Action Team member back with another post in the series about body positivity! This one talks about why healthy doesn't necessarily equal better. You can find out more by reading our brief about body positivity here. Feel free to join the discussion anytime!

An aspect of the body positive movement includes people who fight for healthy bodies and lifestyles above all else. Some of these people say that it doesn’t matter the way your body looks, as long as you are medically healthy. Since it is impossible to tell somebody’s medical health based on how they look at first glance, this is a good goal. And, while having a healthy body is a great goal, this does not mean that people with unhealthy bodies are not important and that their bodies are somehow lesser than those with healthy bodies. This society was not built for fat people. That is why plus-size needs its own category and is not considered part of the norm, when the average women is considered “plus-size.” Telling people that they are eating the wrong things based solely on how they look is incredibly uninformed and very demeaning. This type of logic contributes to things like eating disorders. Health and weight are not exclusive. But even if they were, fat people would not be worse in any way. Fat healthy people exist, and they are beautiful. However, fat unhealthy people exist as well, and they are just as beautiful. They all deserve to be appreciated and recognized as beautiful the same way healthy people are. Regardless of medical health, all bodies are good bodies.

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