Breaking Down Body Positivity: Skinny Shaming

Hi everyone! Its Lucy Danger, your resident Action Team Member and body positivity expert, back again with another topic. This time: skinny shaming. Remember that you can read our brief on body positivity here, and read about other topics having to do with body positivity here! Leave a comment and join the conversation!

Body positive feminism was created to highlight traditionally marginalized or vilified bodies, i.e. fat bodies. The movement has received backlash for not including thin bodies as well. But the movement was created because skinny girls have a position of privilege in comparison to fat girls because of their wide-reaching and accurate representation in the media. Body positivity is inclusive of all body types, but it was created for and by female-identifying people who don’t see their own bodies widely represented in a positive light. That said, the phenomenon of “skinny-shaming” doesn’t help anyone. Phrases like “real women have curves,” or “put some meat on those bones,” meant to uplift bigger girls, really just end up alienating girls with a thinner body type - exactly what body positivity was meant NOT to do. Singer Meghan Trainor’s lyrics like “boys like a little more booty to hold at night” not only tell young female listeners that they should adjust their body or look for validation from males, but it shames girls with more petite frames. You cannot be body positive by just choosing to shame a different type of body. However, body positivity will always be a movement founded in support of fat bodies.

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