February 10, 2016
Contact: Eliana Stanislawski

Day of the Girl-US Joins The Fight To Lower The Voting Age With Vote16USA

Action Team Endorses Generation Citizen’s Vote16USA Campaign and Says the Lowering the Voting Age Will Empower Girls

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, February 10 2016

Media Contact:
Name: Eliana Stanislawski
Title: Campaign Chair
Phone: 301-775-0226
Email: emstanislawski@gmail.com

(Washington, DC) - Did you know that time and again, studies have shown that 16 and 17 year olds are neurologically and socially mature enough to vote? And yet, when the idea of granting youth this right is brought up, the idea is often shot down instantly.

Across our country, 16 year old can legally drive, work without restrictions on hours, pay taxes, and even be tried as adults. Teenagers are treated like adults in so many ways - except, they aren’t able to contribute to political decision making, which affects them significantly.

On top of this, studies show that girls are less politically inclined than boys because of lifelong misogynistic socialization - a topic we cover at length in our Women’s Under-Representation in Politics issue brief. Our whole lives, girls are less encouraged to be active citizens and are sent messages that they are not fit to lead. This contributes to the dramatic under representation of women’s issues in politics and female political leaders, and ultimately girls’ issues not being prioritized in politics.

But this can change. By lowering the voting age and improving civic education in schools, girls will be able to experience being an important part of the political process. They will be able to see how powerful they are. Not to mention that they should have this right anyway.

Generation Citizen - an organization working to ensure that every student in the United States receives an effective action civics education - launched the a national campaign to lower the voting age at the end of last year titled Vote16USA. Along with their campaign launch, they released Young Voices at the Ballot Box: Advancing Efforts to Lower the Voting Age, a report making the case for why the voting age should be lowered, and demonstrating which cities and states should be targeted for such a policy change (we highly recommend that you read it). Today, their new website is launching, featuring a blog post by Day of the Girl-US’ Campaign Chair, Eliana Stanislawski.

We can no longer wait for youth voices to be represented in politics. In order to address the urgent gap in our country between government and citizen interests, Vote16USA emphasizes the importance of youth participation in the political process. The time for young voices to count is now. Join the fight with us, and visit Vote16USA's new website!







Day of the Girl-US is an 100% youth-led movement for gender justice and youth rights committed to promoting the International Day of the Girl Child as a platform for change in the United States. In charge of this movement is the Day of the Girl-US Action Team, a group of young female-identifying activists who are passionate about gender justice and youth activism.


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