Do You Even Makeup?

By: Zarin Hamid

“I’m so ugly without makeup.” “I was late because I had to put on makeup.” “I skipped class because I ran out of makeup.” Hold up! What I have realized recently– and it seems to be a popular trend with teens– is girls NEED for makeup to cover up their flaws. However, makeup is intended to enhance our features, not completely transform us, and it definitely should not affect the confidence of girls.

Time and again I have heard many girls complaining they cannot go out in public because their makeup is off and they do not look good. While it is only natural to want to look your best, and it is scientifically proven that people do judge based on first impressions, a person’s self-esteem should not be masked by a thick layer of makeup. When one watches ordinary people get a makeover on channels like TLC or Lifetime, the makeup artist always begins the session with a few wise words. Those generally explain to the client how beauty is from within and how you do not need makeup to make you beautiful and it is just a way to enhance the unique features you already have. Words like that are important to hear and remember, especially for women of the younger generation, who seem eager to cake on every product possible.

Makeup is incredibly fun to use, and when done properly, you can apply new looks and even do makeup for your friends before hitting the town. The truth is that it won’t change how you feel about your own self-worth, so remember your confidence is based on you, not on what the latest MAC formulation is. A no makeup selfie with a genuine smile is a lot more attractive than a dolled up face that is a totally different shade from the neck and the rest of the body.

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