Educate girls…change the world!

By: Shannon S.

Denying girls an education is a human rights violation that highlights how girls are valued less than boys.

Countries that fail to provide a quality education for every girl and boy will fail to progress as a nation. It is shameful that in 2011, one in five people cannot read this sentence, and a lot of them are girls.

It doesn’t matter what you think is wrong with the world because whatever it is, it can probably be fixed through education. By educating every person, poverty and hunger can be eradicated around the world, and the spread of HIV/AIDS can be dramatically reduced. More educated girls would grow up to be educated women and leaders. That means less violence and fewer wars between nations.

Little by little, as girls are educated, they will prove to themselves and their communities that any girl is just as valuable as any boy. Just think, all of those educated children could grow up to be scientists to stop global warming, doctors to find cures for diseases, lawyers to make the world more just, and leaders to make the world more peaceful. They could grow up to do anything and the problems of the world have a much better chance of being solved.

Educate girls…change the world!

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