Emily Kuttner: The Power of Change

You can’t take on a something as big as the Rally Project, without being passionate about creating change.

It’s intimidating to send an email asking journalists or bloggers who I’ve never met to write about Day of the Girl. But knowing that currently 640 million women and girls are illiterate compels me to press the “send” button because these critical issues engage my heart as well as my mind. I know that the young women involved in the Rally Project in their area will have a similar empowering experience. When we first started brainstorming for Day of the Girl 2014 I thought about the Arts and Actions Night that I had helped organize to raise awareness of the injustices girls face around the world. What had made the event so successful was the convergence of young women excited to share information about and get others involved in a girl-related issue that they were passionate about. It is the infectious energy that I found at this event that I hope surrounds the eleven rallies in eleven states.

– Emily Kuttner, Head Member of US Action Team

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