Game Show, Displays & Proclamations to Promote 10.11.12

By: Joanne C.

Three School Girls Unite chapters in Howard County, Maryland played a major role in our successful campaign in 2011 to mobilize national support for the UN International Day of the Girl. Eighth grader Marisa says: “After officially making October 11 the Day of the Girl, I feel very accomplished and filled with pride, because it took a lot of teamwork to make this big change. I never thought I would ever talk to important people like elected officials. At first I was nervous but then I got used to it. Now I know how to get my point across and how to act business-like. The steps we took were successful and I hope that other girls could follow our lead. I definitely plan to be involved in the Day of the Girl in 2012.”  

dotg20121.jpgPlanning activities to spread the word and celebrate the first girls’ rights day are in full swing. About 20 middle school students, including one guy, are producing a game show about the challenges girls in poor countries face that deny them the chance to get an education. Handmade posters and mega-displays have been created to publicize this new annual day. Another team is working with their state lawmaker to coordinate with the Governor’s office on an official proclamation to designate 10.11.12 as the Day of the Girl in Maryland. Another 20 girls, plus another boy, are sending information packets to community groups and schools in every county in Maryland encouraging them to get local proclamations too. A summit organized entirely by 8th graders and fueled by a dozen pizzas provided a great opportunity to get input and collaborate on all the differentday of the Girl projects.


We look forward to seeing what else School Girls Unite groups, and girls around the country, do for this year’s Day of the Girl!!

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