Is there a television commercial grating on your last nerve because of its sexist and degrading content? Are you fed up with a product tagline that sexualizes young girls? Are you mad about a movie or television show that uses tired stereotypes and lame plot devices to entertain people at the expense of the female half of the population?

Don’t just get mad—get moving! In 2005, the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania asked girls what they thought of t-shirts on sale at Abercrombie & Fitch with slogans like “All Men Like Tig Old Bitties,” “Had a Nightmare Last Night I Was a Brunette,” and “Who Needs Brains When You Have These?” emblazoned on the chest,

The girls thought the shirts were sexist and demeaning and launched a nation-wide protest, vowing not to buy from the trendy retailer until the shirts were removed. By putting their money where their mouths were, the young activists gained national media attention for the cause and pressured Abercrombie & Fitch to pull the shirts off their shelves. The company did just that; they also publically apologized for producing the shirts and even met with girlcott-ers at A&F’s corporate headquarters.

You can use your power as a consumer to force multi-national corporations to pay attention to you! Whether you’re concerned about workers’ rights, environmental impact of manufacturing, or product messaging and the affect on girls (and boys), learn how to organize a girlcott to get your message heard.

Looking for inspiration? Find out about some companies, products, and practices that get girls riled up.

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