Happy Birthday…

This is a poem I wrote for our school group. It compares the life of Amelia, a girl in a 1st world country to the life of an unnamed girl in Mali, Africa.


Happy 3rd birthday Amelia!

All to worry of—-dresses, frilly pink things

Long summers roaming about

Fireflies in the evening

Childhood, a sweet white ribbon of



Happy 6th birthday Amelia!

1st grade is finally here!

Run, laugh, play

Make companions, more friends

Leave a pleasant trail of



Happy 12th Birthday Amelia!

Endeavor into the unknown

Lockers, gym, freedom!

Boys, dramas, fighting, cliques

Sometimes, only sometimes, a girl feels



Happy 16th Birthday Amelia!

Turns out middle school wasn’t too hard

High school is a bit more challenging

Some things catch a girl off guard

Clothing has to be right, just



3rd Birthday

Much to worry of

Water, clothing, diseases

Problems are not far away

For now, only the parents worry

But yet, it slips away-



6th Birthday

Malaria net from the US

Promises of more food, no marriage

Yet ever backwards, we retrogress

So hungry, no more food, possible



12th Birthday

The family is sick, hungry, poor

But he is not. He has money

Now it’s time for marriage

In a few years, maybe months-



16th Birthday

Things are not so great.

One child, another on the way

From the age of 12, innocence taken

Slipped away in the violent tides



Maya is currently a fun-sized sophomore in high school, who loves martial arts, church, food, writing, music, and tons of other stuff. She is president of Youth Education Society at her high school, and hopes to publish a novel by her junior year.

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