Howard County School Board Proclaims Day of the Girl

By: Nikki W.

Howard County, Maryland, public school system leads the pack in proclaiming a national Day of the Girl with a ceremony planned for September 22.


Read a blog post by Joanne about how the School Girls Unite chapter in Howard County helped kickoff the Day of the Girl campaign


From their press release:

Student advocates from Oakland Mills, Hammond and Harper’s Choice Middle Schools will celebrate the official Proclamation of the Howard County Board of Education and Joint Proclamation of the Howard County Council and County Executive Ken Ulman, designating September 22 as the “Day of the Girl.” The event will be held on Thursday, September 22, 3:30 PM at Oakland Mills Middle School.

School Girls Unite, a Gifted and Talented Instructional Seminar open to all interested students, initiated the day in Howard County to create an awareness of the critical issues that affect girls across America and around the world including: child marriage, lack of educational opportunities, negative media images, limited work opportunities, Title IX sports, and educational equity.

Last spring, students held a summit to begin collaborating on ways to promote the Day of the Girl. Howard County Council Chairman Calvin Ball shared his political knowledge and discussed the process and strategies for obtaining proclamations on local, state, and federal levels. “The young ladies participating in School Girls Unite are extremely smart and talented. It’s been my pleasure to visit with them to discuss the policies that matter most to them while brainstorming ways they can make a significant impact. This program is so unique, innovative and inspiring and serves to enhance the girls inner qualities, promote positive self-esteem and reinforce that the sky is the limit for their future. I’m so thrilled we have so many active chapters here in Maryland.“ commented Chairman Ball.

They have joined the efforts of School Girls Unite, coordinated by youth activist Wendy Lesko and based in Silver Spring, Maryland, to raise awareness and influence decision-makers to support the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to end gender-based injustices.

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