Ideas for Action

We all have to take action every single day of the year in order to make girls’ lives better. Whatever you’re doing, no matter when, you are creating change that makes girls voices heard!

“No act is too small; you may never know the full extent of your impact. Activism is contagious. While you may be one person, your voice and actions can touch others, whose voices and actions can touch still others, and so forth until we experience change. This is how activism works.”
(Fight Like a Girl by Megan Seely)

Want more guidance with some of these actions? Check out our Actions Toolkit for a guide to making noise on social media, lobbying government officials, writing about feminist issues, starting a feminist club at your school, and more!

Want to start a conversation on gender justice issues but feel like you need more guidance? Check out our Start the Conversation Toolkit for different tips on talking about feminism with different groups of people.

Want to plan an entire event for Day of the Girl? Check out our Events Toolkit for help with how to coordinate movie screenings, lobbying trips, benefit concerts, and more!

Want to specifically plan a Day of the Girl rally tackling a gender justice issue in your community? Check out our Rally Toolkit!

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