Introducing: How to be an Activist

How to be an Activist is a new original blog series that will be running on the Day of the Girl-US Blog. Here you will find all posts that have been published for How to be an Activist thus far. If you have a question or would like to contribute to How to be an Activist, please email with subject line “Activist”.

In How to be an Activist we show you how anyone--and we mean anyone--can be an activist. As the creator and editor of this series, I wanted young activists to know that though we all have our own unique circumstances, and advantages and disadvantages in our lives, there are still ways we can  involve ourselves in activism and contribute to our communities.

In this series we take some of the most common quandaries concerning activism --“I want to get involved in social justice, but I don’t live in a big town where there are many opportunities for me!”, “How can I, as a white person, show support to the POC of America?”, “How do I balance my health as an activist?”-- and dedicate a blog post to approaching the topic, with tips and suggestions for you. We give advice based on your specific circumstance, showing you how to be an activist under different conditions. This series is written by other young activists who know how you feel and have integrated their own experiences into the topic they are writing about.

 You can be an activist no matter who you are, and we’re here to prove it!”

 - Adriana Chavez, Day of the Girl Action Team | April 21, 2017

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