Introducing Up Next, A Better Make Room Messaging Campaign

by Adriana C., 15

Here at Day of the Girl-US, we fight for girls’ rights and gender justice. In order to achieve a true change in our society, we must encourage girls to go into leadership positions and challenge systems designed to keep them out. When strong girls are in positions of power, our voices cannot help but be heard. We tear down any and all barriers placed upon us, inspiring other girls to do the same. But without a chance at a good education, it is hard for many girls to get to these positions of power. That’s where Up Next comes in.

14215454_10210135969176498_1121445486_o.jpgArtwork by Maleeha I., 17

Up Next is the mobile messaging campaign launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, as part of Better Make Room. Up Next will get you one step closer to receiving the college education you deserve. As a high school student myself, navigating the college process is difficult. Remembering things such as how to register for the SAT, or trying to understand how financial aid works can get confusing.

But not with Up Next. All you have to do is text COLLEGE to 44044 to sign up. The text messages you receive from Up Next will give you tips and tricks that will help you beat those FAFSA deadlines, search for colleges to apply to, and so much more. 

I recently got the opportunity to see a preview of some of the text messages that Up Next users will be receiving this fall, as part of a partnership between Better Make Room and Day of the Girl-US. What I found was that Up Next does a great job making sure you have a bright future ahead of you by first helping you prepare for college. If you’re a high school student like me, Up Next will give you all the info you would ever need regarding financial aid FAFSA. If you’re worried about forgetting FAFSA or SAT/ACT deadlines, worry not! Up Next will be on your back making sure that you get everything in place. If you’re not sure what schools you should apply to, Up Next will help you find the right schools for you. I had no idea what the procedure was for looking into all of these things, so I found the information they provided extremely helpful. 

Even if you’re already enrolled in college, Up Next will make sure you are as happy as can be at your current school, and continue to advise you regarding future financial aid you may need. Up Next breaks down all of the information they supply into the simplest terms possible, so that their language and help is accessible to everyone. The messages you receive are simultaneously encouraging and motivating. It is apparent that the Up Next team genuinely cares about your education and well being.

I highly encourage any high school or college student to text COLLEGE to 44044, to sign up for Up Next today, and take charge of your future!


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    I am interested in having my students participate in the Up Next, Better Make Room’s mobile messaging campaign. Can someone contact Jimmy Sellers at 214-864-7537 or at ?
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