Julia Fine: Why We Fight This Fight.

As a gender, we are looking forward - looking forward to a future in which we could potentially have a female president.

Looking forward to increased participation rates in STEM fields, to easy access to birth control, to equality in education and pay, to better representation in the media. And yet, we are looking forward while still looking around, brandishing our keys in our hands as weapons and pulling our skirts down so that no one can say it is “our fault.”

I am sick and tired of the victim-blaming, of the ubiquitous feeling that “If she hadn’t had worn such a tight top,”, of the ever-present rape jokes heard down the hallways of high school. I am sick of someone with the last name “Laper” being nicknamed the “Raper” and the shouts of it being heard reverberating throughout the classroom.

This is why I need Day of the Girl– a Day in which we can come together and speak up against the misogyny ever-present in media accounts of rape, in which we can craft our own narrative on the issue. We need to spread the voices of not the men, not the media personnel, but the GIRLS.

This is why I need a Day of the Girl Rally. This is my Day, and I will raise my voice as such.

- Julia Fine, Head Member of US Action Team

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