Limited Work Opportunities for Women

By: Joanne C.

Gender inequity and disparity is clearly evident in America’s work society. If there are so few women at the top, do girls have enough role models to inspire them to be CEOs or lawmakers? If girls don’t think they can succeed in a certain field, they surely won’t find it interesting or start dreaming about it. They won’t decide to run for Congress or to study biochemistry. Then this cycle will keep going, preventing girls from getting involved and earning respect and a place in society.

A major way to increase gender equality is for women to be represented in more and more higher-up jobs, and in more and more fields. This would show everyone, including men, that women can be smart or effective leaders, and that females deserve respect.

  • We have to increase the number of women in STEM fields, as well as in leadership positions in businesses and government.
  • We need to end the stereotypes and stigmas that push females away from certain careers in favor of others.
  • We need women to be able to have the job they really want, without feeling doubt or pressure just because of her gender.

Women should also be free to make the choice to work or to stay home and raise children, and not be pressured by society or employers. Remember, gender discrimination in the American workforce is illegal. The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution requires equal protection and due process of the law to all persons.

Women also need to be paid the same amount as men. For two people to have the same skills and experiences, and to be doing the same work, to be paid different amounts just on the basis of gender is discriminatory. The only message it sends is that men are inherently better than women; and who decided that asinine idea??

In developing countries, women need to be actively involved in raising the GDP, the overall income of the country, so that they can have more power to make decisions in their communities. They need to have access to a wider selection of jobs, and they need to be paid as much as men. All over the world, 250,000 children die of poverty every day. In parts of Africa and Latin America, 45% of households are headed by women. If these women can’t get good jobs and paid properly, they can’t support their families, and children suffer.

We also need more information and data, so that the world can know how women and girls fare in careers, education, and income, etc. You know how there isn’t a lot of data on sexual harassment? It’s hard to come up with solutions to problems that you can’t understand fully– research sheds light on the problems so that people can see the answers.

What’s your opinion?

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