Loving Your Summer Body

Loving Your Summer Body

Written by Kjerstyn Jordheim, Age 15


   Throughout the summer, it is common to hear the term “bikini body” used to describe girls’ fitness goals.  A bikini body is usually thought of as skinny, small, but is in truth, an often unrealistic ideal.  For many girls, the goal of having a “bikini body” can destroy confidence and positive body image.

   Loving your body can be hard, especially during the summer.  But when we treat our bodies with love rather than being obsessed with an unhealthy image, amazing things can happen.  Here are some suggestions how you can love your summer body the way it is.

  1. Remind yourself to love yourself.  Setting reminders on your phone throughout the day with messages such as “You are gorgeous” or “You go, girl!” can skyrocket confidence throughout the day.

  2. Accept yourself.  This is easier said than done, but realizing what your body type is will help you recognize when you are aspiring to an unrealistic standard.

  3. Treat your body well.  Eat healthy, do a workout, take a nice bath...the possibilities of self care are virtually endless.  In summer, it can be fun to soak up the sun, spend time in the pool, or eat a cold treat.  

  4. Cut out sources of negativity.  Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel unworthy, do not talk to people who bring you down, and avoid doing things that make you feel bad about yourself.

  5. Replace the negatives with positives. The power of positive people is truly astounding.  Once you replace things you do not need with people who build you up and activities you truly love, you will start to see amazing things happening in your life, in the area of self love and beyond.  

  6. Embrace the process.  Loving your body takes time and is a long and difficult process.  It will not happen overnight, but with consistency and positive habits, it can happen this summer.

This year is YOUR year.  Make this season the season when you finally love your summer body.

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