Presidential Proclamation??

By Joanne C

Members of School Girls Unite, one of the founding groups behind Day of the Girl, have sent President Obama a formal request for a Presidential Proclamation for this year’s International Day of the Girl. 

School Girls Unite worked hard last year to get a Presidential Proclamation for the first annual Day of the Girl, but was not successful. But instead of giving up, the group is trying again!

In the request, the group highlighted that millions of girls across the world lack the opportunity to get an education. Literacy is one of the most powerful tools a person can have, and the gender disparity in that toolbox is an injustice that the Day of the Girl aims to fix. School Girls Unite has long focused on education and child marriage, and hopefully a Presidential Proclamation of the Day of the Girl can raise awareness in the U.S. about how those issues face girls in particular.

A Presidential Proclamation from the U.S. would also signal to other nations and people around the world that the U.S. stands for girls’ rights and gender equality. A Proclamation such as this isn’t a signpost saying “We have it all figured out,” but more a statement that “We are working on figuring it out,” a statement that the U.S. can and will address the gender inequalities in our own backyards, without forgetting those abroad.

Check out the letter for yourself: Dear Mr. President (will open as a pdf document)

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