Recap: Why Feminism Matters

The other day I was sitting in the cafeteria when I overheard a guy ask his friend, “Are you a feminist?” The guy replied, “Nah, man. That is for girls.” For girls? Really? Is feminism really only for girls? Just because this movement supports women, that does not make it an exclusively women supported movement. In fact, men are essential parts of the feminism movement. I highly disagreed with his logic, so I compiled a list (in no particular order) of reasons feminism matters to men.

So why does feminism matter for men?

  1. Because the notion that men don’t care about feminism is the same as a white person not caring about racism.
  2. Because a women in America suffers from domestic abuse every 15 seconds.
  3. Because white women only earn 77 cents per dollar that a white man makes, while latina and black women make even less.
  4. Because women have a 1 in 5 chance of experiencing sexual assault at some pointin their life.
  5. Because young men are taught to hide their emotions for fear of being a “wuss,” “pussy,” or “acting like a girl.”
  6. Because “acting like a girl” is an insult. Because men have sisters, mothers, daughters and wives. If the issues affect them, it will also affect men.
  7. Because women are more than half the population! How can we expect to build thriving society when half of the population is living under oppressive circumstances?
  8. Because it is the simple, right, and decent thing to do to believe in the freedom of women.

Men are such an essential part of feminism. Let’s all encourage the men in our lives to get on board with the progress we are reaching for. Feminism isn’t some scary “girls-only” club. It is for the improvement and progression of the entire world. That matters to men, and if that dude in the cafeteria knew this, he would have proudly identified as a feminist.

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