Say YES to New Year’s Resolutions

By: Nikki W. 

Whether 2011 was a banner year for you or one you’re happy to bid farewell to, today can be the day that you decide what 2012 will hold. Our advice? Say YES.

Too often, young people (and older people) let fear, uncertainty, doubt, and social pressure stop them from doing, saying, creating, and standing up for things that matter. Guess what? Girls matter, and girls need to start saying YES:

→ Say YES when someone asks if you’ve got something on your mind. Tell them what you’re thinking about–global warming or leg warmers–and get used to voicing your opinions.

→ Say YES to things that scare you. Try out for the volleyball team, run for class president, tell your parents how you really feel about being called Fluffy! Being scared is part of being alive, and when you make a habit of facing your fears you become someone with fewer things to fear.

→ Say YES to someone who says NO. Don’t give up so easily, and don’t let NO become a brick wall. Find a new angle, come up with a compromise, bring more evidence to support your position.

→ Say YES to other girls. The Mean Girls stereotype hurts every girl, even the mean ones! Despite with marketing execs and teen magazines tell you, other girls are not your competition, they are your compatriots!

→ Say YES to yourself. Yes, you can learn yoga, or Italian, or how to go to lunch all by yourself. Yes, your feelings do matter and are not stupid. Yes, you are a unique and special snowflake and everything about you is okay, no matter what outside forces try to tell you.

→ Say YES to the Day of the Girl. Get involved, become a leader, share the girl power with those around you. Put your action where your passion is and join the movement.*


*Will you say YES to supporting Day of the Girl with a tax-deductible gift? We want t say YES to girls everywhere in 2012, but we need your help!

Tell us in the comments about your New Year’s resolutions, and what you’ll say YES to in 2012!

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