September 1: Support Day of the Girl everywhere!

By: Nikki W.

Want to know what you can do to help create the national Day of the Girl? A lot! Look for a new to-do every day until September 22, when we’ll celebrate the kick-off to the Day of the Girl campaign! You can download and print our calendar bookmark here.

September 1: Make sure you’re 100% Day of the Girl supportive! Sign the petition to President Obama, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.


September 2Enlist allies to support Day of the Girl. Ask five people to sign the petition to President Obama. Make it easy for them: write down their names and email addresses and enter them online, or send to


September 3Thank her for being a friend. Call or visit a girl you value and let her know that you’re grateful for her friendship. Share with her the story of The Girls from Ames, whose lifelong friendships have been crucial to surviving and thriving.


September 4: Be a change agent. features hundreds of petitions aimed at women’s issues. Find out what people are fighting for and sign the petitions that matter to you. In just a few minutes you could have an impact on many campaigns for change.

September 5: Start a Facebook revolution. Nearly every major company has a Facebook page that you can use to communicate with higher-ups and other consumers. Think about a product or advertising campaign that is sexist or negatively portrays girls, then post on the company’s Facebook page to ask them to change their tactics. You can download a guide to Facebook activism to help plan your action.

September 6: Speak for girls who can’t speak for themselves. Help Pass S. 596 to Establish Shelter for Child Sex Trafficking Survivors by sending an email to your Senators using an easy form that includes a letter you can personalize using some of the horrific statistics we know about child sex trafficking.

September 7: Question authority. Especially when it’s wrong. Add your voice to the chorus of girls and girl allies who have told J.C. Penney that their “Too Pretty to Do Homework” shirt is too offensive to sell. Even when the wrong being done comes from huge corporations, the voice of girls can still create change!

image: stack of booksSeptember 8: Share the power of reading. Today is International Literacy Day, an important day to remember that 90 million girls around the world aged 6-11 are not in school. And two-thirds of the 876 million illiterate people over age 15 are women. Share ourrecommended reading list for girls of all ages.

September 9: Tell your story. Who are you and who do you want to become? What issues affect you on a daily basis? Do you feel empowered or oppressed? What drives you to support girls’ rights? Write your story, even if you don’t show it to anyone. Writing is a powerful exercise in intention.


September 10: Get mad. If you’re not mad about the issues girls have to face, then you’re not paying attention. Get educated about the barriers to girls’ equality and get moving on your part of the solution.


September 11: Speak up, speak out. A lot of activist work happens behind the scenes, but we still need girls to step up in front of others and speak their minds. Practice public speaking in front of friends, then get on your soapbox in front of classmates, family, and your community.


September 12: Think big and make it happen. Lindsay Brown, a junior at the University of Notre Dame, decided to host a bake sale in her dorm to fundraise for girls’ education and ended up launching a movement. She raised $900 and now groups across the globe are following in her tie-dye cupcake steps!

September 13: Treasure other girls. We all need one another, for support and to change the world to support us. Think about how you interact with other girls and make a vow to not cut other girls down but to build them up. Read about the influence of friendships on girls lives and remember: when one of us succeeds, we all succeed!

September 14: Create a space for girls. Make sure there’s a place at your school for girls to come together, talk about what’s on their minds, and get educated on solutions to the challenges they face. Don’t have such a space? Turn the girls’ bathroom into a secret lair of learning and camaraderie!

September 15: Go the extra mile. Make it easy for your friends and family to support the Day of the Girl. Rather than asking them to come to our website to sign our petition, simply ask them to sign a piece of paper indicating their support. Then you can complete the online petition signature on their behalf! Be sure to collect all the information you’ll need: First name, last name, email, address, city, state, and zip code. Feeling particularly ambitious? Carry a sign-up sheet around with you and ask everyone you see to join the movement!

September 16: Fill your bucket with intention. Whether you want to scale Mt. Everest, swim with dolphins, or learn to make a really great spaghetti sauce, you have to say your goals out loud before you can achieve them. Make a bucket list of all that’s in store for your life. Then do some research to find out how many other girls and women have done those things. A lot, a few, none? What can you do to make sure you reach your dreams?

September 17: Demand equality. On this Constitution Day, read about how the 14th and 19th Amendments may not be enough to guarantee women full equality. It’s up to us to demand the equality we deserve. We must continue the fight for equal rights through an amendment to the Constitution.

September 18: Put yourself in good company. Check out the organizations that have endorsed the Day of the Girl and connect with those that share your passions. By supporting groups that support girls, you add to the echo chamber of girls’ rights discussions.


September 19: Let companies know they’ve been Girl Caught. Print and use Girl Caught stickers to show offenders that you’re paying attention to the products they’re selling, and that you’re not buying their harmful ideals.


September 20: Change the channel of influence! If you’re fed up with “boy chasin’ bed swappin’ lip-lickin’ hottie-hoochie booty-bouncin’ appearance-is-everything” cues comin’ at your girls…support the companies doing things differently. (via Shaping Youth)


September 21: Spark a movement. SPARK–Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance–is a girl-driven movement designed to push back against the increasingly sexualized images of girlhood in the media and create room for whole girls. SPARKits are free interactive online activities designed for girls anywhere and everywhere to SPARKit in their own communities.


September 22: Join the movement. The Day of the Girl campaign was thought up by girls, has been driven by girls, and will help girls all over the world have bigger and better worlds. Join the movement to empower girls to exceed even their own expectations.
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