Truth-Only Sex Ed


Truth - only Means:
● We WILL teach our children the ​truth ​about STDs.
● We WILL teach our children the ​truth​ about protection.
● We WILL teach our children the ​truth​ about abstinence.
● We WILL teach our children the ​truth ​about teen pregnancy. 

We all know the beloved John Oliver for his amazing takedown on Donald Trump. 

But before Oliver went completely viral with his Donald Trump video, he released a video - quite possibly one of his most relevant and accurate works - discussing the incredibly concerning state of sexual education in the United States. Did you know that only 22 states and the District of Columbia require public schools teach sex education? Only 20 mandate both sex education and HIV education. 33 states and the District of Columbia require students receive instruction about HIV/AIDS. 19 states require that if provided, sex education must be medically, factually or technically accurate. 

The Day of the Girl - US Action Team is appalled by these statistics, and want to do anything and everything possible to improve a quintessential part of modern American schools. As a group of young female activists driven by the power and the desire to create longstanding action, we have decided to make some permanent change. 

My name is Christina Wang, and I am a member of the Day of the Girl - US Action Team. On behalf of Day of the Girl, I’m so excited to announce that I’m launching a sex ed reform movement! However, I need the help of young, female activists like yourself to make this possible. 

I want y’all to email me ( about your sex ed curriculum. You can pick one or many things that you have problems with it. 

I plan on having 3-5 girls be responsible for a city/country/area. Each of you must talk to somebody in your school that you can work with to create change. Discuss issues you have with sex ed, what you like about it, and how to get an ideal sex ed program within your school community. 

If your school doesn’t even have a sex education curriculum, talk to your school officials to figure out why this is happening  Find other people within your school community, and as a group, and talk to your school officials to see how you can compromise to create a sex ed program that everybody is happy with. 

Here is our official press release announcing the launch of our project. 

 Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. More details will be provided once you contact me! I can’t wait to see this take shape! 

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