Some Grreat Things about the World Wide Web

By: Joanne C. 

The Internet is a pretty great tool for everything from learning about lions and tigers, to ordering enough food to feed some bears, oh my! It’s ALSO a pretty great way to organize people, and get them involved in your cause.

1. You can reach a lot of people! Our Facebook page has 1,442 likes as of today. Help us get to 1,500 by sharing our page, and telling all your friends to connect with us on FB!
2. You can use video and amazing Internet magic to get information to people! We were part of a virtual conference this past Monday, and held a Google+ Hangout afterwards, where we talked about the Proclamation Project and how coooool it is! You can watch the video here.

3. You can RALLY PEOPLE!! Not only can you give them info, and count their numbers, you can ask people to actually take ACTION! That’s what we’re doing with the Day of the Girl and the Proclamation Project, which you can find out about all over our site. Another way people are connecting with the Day of the Girl is via a Virtual Summit! Register there and you can take part in the digital challenges and events being run now through October 11th. Pretty rad!

So while you’re busy calling your local representatives, get involved online too! Share links and intel with your amigas easily on Facebook, catch informative videos (and hopefully some funny ones…), and register to participate in the Virtual Summit!

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