Start the Conversation Toolkit

Feel overwhelmed by starting conversations about feminist issues? Scared to start conversations about intersectionality because you want to make sure you remain respectful? Afraid of the way your friends and family will react if you open up to them about how their comments are offensive to you or certain groups?

Check out our #StartTheConvo toolkit for help with these issues and more! This toolkit is completely free, and like all content we create it is written entirely by youth. We hope that this toolkit can contribute to the construction of a healthy climate for movement-building and social change, and that after reading it through readers feel more confident in their ability to start difficult dialogues with all types of people. Enjoy!

This toolkit includes sections on:

  • Talking on Social Media
  • Talking With Your Family
  • Talking With Your Friends
  • Talking With Government Officials
  • Talking With School Officials
  • Talking With Boys
  • Talking With All Kinds of Girls

Download our 2015 #StartTheConvo Toolkit here!


Give us your feedback on our toolkit! We want to not only know what you thought, but we want to hear your stories about the gender justice conversations you've had.


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