Switch your Valentines; make it about Wellness!

By: Zarin Hamid 

Ladies, listen up! Truth is, you do NOT NEED a man to take you out for Valentine’s Day in order for it to be memorable. You could just have a wellness day. It is probably one of the few positive concepts from high school I actually examined further. The idea is that you take yourself on a date, give yourself a break, and ultimately find time to enjoy your time off with absolutely nothing to stress over. Since the most prominent holiday of February is just around the corner, I wanted everyone– those who are single and even the ones with a significant other– to understand the true meaning of self-love through experiencing a wellness day.

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a time to treat our significant others to dinners, boxes of chocolate, pedicures, flowers and much more. However, what happens if you’re currently flying solo? This holiday is for everyone, not just for couples, so it is OK to take yourself out for some much deserved pampering. I’ve seen countless young women sulking around because they don’t have Bae taking them out on the town. But, who knows how to treat you better than you?

Call in sick, take yourself to the movies, eat sushi alone, and get your nails done. Why not even splurge a little on some new clothes? A wellness day isn’t even just for Valentine’s Day. It is a time for self-love and healing, a time to do something you enjoy and possibly rejuvenate your well-being. A wellness day should be done every few months. When you love yourself, your outlook on life is more positive, and that, in turn gives off positive vibes to other people you may encounter on a daily basis. So, do yourself and the people you are around a favor, and buy yourself that Godiva Chocolate. You’re worth it!

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