Teaching a Generation

By: Natalia Atwal

Over the past fifteen years rape has become less of a far-fetched thought and more of a terrifying reality in most parts of the world. In America every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted. Close to half of these victims are under the age of 18 and according to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) 97% of rapist will never see the inside of a jail cell.

Rape is not only impacting third world countries, rape is not only impacting women, rape is not only happening to people from a low economic background but is happening to people of all walks of life. The idea that people are getting away with taking advantage of another human being is part of our reality. We must hold people accountable for their actions and decisions.


The only way to hold people accountable is by reporting rape cases. An average of 60% of rape cases are never reported. This means people are allowing such behavior to prevail and be accepted in our society. We must stop blaming society for the negative because we are ALL part of society. Teaching people how not to get raped has not been effective in the past as the percentage of rape is continuously rising. We must teach people from a young age that they are responsible for their own bodies and NOBODY has the right to sexually take advantage of that. It is important to teach people that they have no right over someone else’s body. If we teach the importance of respecting others, the idea of raping another human being will not be as prevalent. We (as a society) must be proactive and not reactive. Finally we must make an example of members of our society who believe it is under their jurisdiction to take advantage of another person. In 2012 a gang rape occurred in Delhi, India but the sentencing of the six accused did not take place till March 2014. In the meantime the rape victim had passed away due to the severity of the rape and one of the accused hung himself. By not punishing a rapist or not prosecuting a rapist to the highest court of land only allows rape to be accepted.

We turn on the TV and hear about people of all ages, races and backgrounds being raped. We hear about under aged brothels, the billon dollar world of sex slavery and believe it could never happen to us. We must take of the blindfolds off and realize that rape is a recurring crime that is impacting our communities.

Call to Action

Wake up and think of every rape case you hear of as an incident that happened to your own family member. Talk to your peers about rape and teach people about the importance of respecting everyone because rape is a sad part of our reality. We create society and so have the power to change all parts of our reality.

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