Tererai Trent’s Story

By: Joanne C.

Tererai Trent’s story is one of those amazing flecks of gold that pepper a mine shaft. A fleck of gold that can lead you to an entire seam of it, brightening the lives of so many. Tererai had a dream, and she made her dream happen. She wanted to earn an education, and she most definitely did, earning a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, and a PhD after moving to the U.S. from Zimbabwe. She managed to do this even after being married at age 11. She didn’t let the obstacles that society put in her way stop her from dreaming, nor stop her from succeeding. She’s soon going to build a school in her home community in Zimbabwe, so that more girls can shine as the flecks of gold that they actually are. Tererai, you are awesome!

Watch the video clip of Tererai Trent from Oprah.com

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