The Beauty Challenge

When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?

As part of its Real Beauty Sketches campaign, Dove releases its newest commercial titled Camera Shy. It portrays young women avoiding the camera like the plague, but rewind a decade or so back, we find the same girls confident and fearless in front of cameras. There is always a tremendous pressure to be beautiful all the time, especially as we grow older. This false belief about ‘not being beautiful’ needs to stop. A flat belly, smaller waist, bigger breasts, and long legs are really not worth the stress!

The video lasts only a minute, but already has over a 15 million views, watch here! 

Maya is currently a fun-sized sophomore in high school, who loves martial arts, church, food, writing, music, and tons of other stuff. She is president of Youth Education Society at her high school, and hopes to publish a novel by her junior year.

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