The Dove

By: Ava (7th Grade)

The dove with a broken wing represents that girls and boys around the world aren’t equal. A dove can’t fly with a broken wing. We are hoping that the dove’s wing is fixed so that the dove can soar.

dotgpoem.jpgWe are not individual doves. We have to be be one dove. Together, humanity makes the world turn, makes life happen, makes creations of infinite sorts. One wing is you, one wing is me. If we aren’t equal, one of those wings is broken. How can we fly with on broken wing? The best we could manage, maybe, is a clumsy, wild circle, with lots of crashing down to the ground.

So we have to fix the broken wing, and make sure each one of us is equal to another. We’re all part of this dove’s wings, and we all can only fly if each of us can fly just like everyone else. We all must be equal, regardless of sex or gender or skin color or age or any other attribute that you didn’t pick.

We hope the Day of the Girl will help this, so in time, the dove can soar.

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