Title IX: Sports Equity & Education Guaranteed

By: Torie A. and Julia V.

Title IX has made known the inequality among men and women, girls and boys but the reality is that the steps to implement Title IX haven’t been taken or at least haven’t had the full effect they were created to have. Though girls have proved time and time again that they deserve the same respect as boys, it is still obvious through experience that they are viewed with lesser value.

Torie says:

“Every summer I go to camp for a month. This is an all girls’ camp, however it does have a brother camp with all boys. Every summer a camper tries out for a sports team and hopefully they make it onto the team. The boys do the same thing.

When I tried out for the basketball team, I made it. So when the games came, it was the girls vs. the boys. We played the first half of the game and both sides played well but the girls were in the lead. The coach of the boy’s team was so angry that the girls were beating them that the coach made the boys team run 15 laps around the court!

Growing up with an older brother and a lot of family friends who are all guys, I quickly learned how to throw a football and tackle people. My father is also a big Fly Fisherman so I had to learn how to cast a line and catch a fish. Even though I have grown up with these boys, played with them, and camped with them, they always act surprised when I catch a huge fish or make a nice play. Every time we play a game of football or grab our rods I see surprised faces and disbelief. They simply can’t grasp the fact that a girl can beat them down the field or catch a bigger fish than them.

In a perfect world boys would be able to accept that girls can be just as good as boys at sports and other things. Although we don’t live in a perfect world, we can try our best to change stereotypes and negative images against girls.”

And it doesn’t get better for girls as they grow older, past the football games and fishing trips. Title IX fails to completely deal with the discrimination against women in the working world. For example, Title IX DOES NOT address the fact that men’s jobs pay better than women’s jobs, but recommends instead that girls be encouraged to enter men’s professions. That’s great, but at the same time problematic because there is less legal insulation against discrimination in the workplace, fewer resources for women, and more of a chance that they will be discriminated against in that male-dominated profession.

The fact that Title IX does not address this in a comprehensive manner is disappointing and we should try to make people talk about it more, especially Title IX school coordinators and anyone working on Title IX enforcement.

In the end, Title IX is only a stepping stone along a much longer, and harder path that we have to take in order to have girls be valued just as much as boys.

What’s your opinion?

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