Why I Don't Support the Travel Ban | The Immigrant Experience

By Alejandra Granado

Having come from immigrant parents I’ve always been told how lucky I am to have been born in the U.S. and to have the wonderful opportunities that I do. Although I am not an immigrant, immigration has played a huge role in my life. Every so often, I think about how lucky I am, that I get to go away to university right after high school, and don’t have to sit at home to cook and clean like many oppressed women in other countries have to instead of receiving an education. I also think of how fortunate I am to be able to get an education, to then get a career that’ll make me a nice salary, which will allow me to support myself and not depend on others. The reason I’m able to do all of this and more is because my mother was lucky enough to immigrate to this country 20 years ago

Immigration is the reason why I and millions of people in this country have the opportunities that we do. Immigrants and children of immigrants are the inventors of so many of the tools we use in our day-to-day lives: things like jeans, Google, ATM machines. We use these things so often and so freely that we take them for granted. We don’t realize why or how we came to have these things. We don’t realize that without immigrants, these things wouldn’t exist.

By supporting Donald Trump’s travel ban, we are not giving people from around the world the opportunity to flourish in this country; to help create the next Google or Ebay. Without immigration, this country would definitely not be as advanced or as successful as it is today. With the travel ban we aren’t allowing our next Albert Claude or Khaled Hosseini to enter the country. With the travel ban we are banning people who would become major influential figures like those listed above; future Nobel prize winning cell biologists and New York Times best selling authors.

And lastly, the travel ban wouldn’t allow in people like my sister, my mother, and many of my peers and their families. If the travel ban existed years ago, this country wouldn’t have as many kids in it today who are striving to better our world by becoming doctors, lawyers, authors, activists, etc. With the travel ban there would be no immigrants and without immigrants this country loses its backbone.

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