Tyranny In the Majority

By: Zarin Hamid

Tyranny of the majority is evident in media. The effect media has in this nation is astounding. News is supposed to give people the opportunity to receive unbiased information. Instead, certain news outlets channel either right or left wing viewpoints. These are two radical views. Why is it so difficult for people to report the news without having a one-sided stance on a particular issue? It has also been interesting to witness how media has evolved. Now we have the internet and social media sites, where it is even easier for people to express how they feel about a certain national or international case. It is quite disturbing to see how when some people voice an opinion on a social media site, other people who do not agree decide to jump down their throats and try to silence them. People who do not agree with a particular opinion will be silenced and/or berated for their viewpoints, and wouldn’t you think in a democratic free nation this would be somewhat abhorrent-for people to be automatically shut down if their opinions differ from the majority? An example of when this media bias span out of control was during the Vietnam War. American media told the people the negative side of the war more often than the positives. They highlighted the amount of casualties that occurred daily, failed operations, miscommunications, and the soldiers that had been severely wounded during the war. However, they failed to mention the positives, such as Nixon and Kissinger making a deal with China to stop the weaponry trade into Vietnam. Ultimately, the media played a huge role in undermining American foreign policy at that time. Media bias and the tyranny of the majority has become a perversion of democracy.

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