What you can do TODAY! #DayoftheGirl

By: Joanne C.

This Day of the Girl, we want people to take action and spread the word. These are things you can do, and you should do, to make a change. We are building a movement. A world wide revolution. Be a part of it. Here are some quick and easy things you can do to make today BIG.
1) Cover everyone’s social media feeds with orange and teal fists! Change your profile picture to our logo, or post a picture of the logo as your status. Remember to #dayofthegirl and tag @dayofthegirl or our Facebook Page.
2) Make #dayofthegirl a trend everywhere! Tweet, post, retumblr or instagram any of our or your own statistics, quotes, images, etc. Tell us why you need the Day of the Girl!
3) Let’s support Malala! Her book, I am Malala, just came out and she’s just amazingly inspiring in general!  Tweet #IamMalala and make her famous!

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