Where are the WOMEN in the Movies?

By: Sharmin S.

Movies have become increasingly male centered, meaning the lead characters seem to always be male while their supporting coactors seem to be female. This culture has been running in the motion pictures for quite some time, but only few have actually stood up against it. One movie that embodies this culture is Marvel’s series, Thor.

Thor: The Dark World has been out for about three days now and on top of many box offices. With all the hype that exists for Thor, we tend to forget the strong, prominent astrophysicist whose name is Jane Foster. Although she is regarded as Thor’s lover, she is a smart woman and strives to achieve her dreams of understanding the cosmic universe. On and off throughout the movie Jane is portrayed as a vulnerable woman relying on the assistance of her hero, Thor. When she approaches near death situations her intellect fails to assist her. This culture of subliminally degrading woman should halt, we are powerful and rarely need men to save us.

At this moment Thor: The Dark World seems to be horrible, however they do make a large leap in a female’s place in society when they portray Thor’s Mother as a fierce warrior trying to save Jane’s life. Frigga ,Thor’s mother, swiftly takes out her machete/sword and begins to fight evil, although her fate ends by death she is regarded as a powerful and honorable person. This movie does provide a foil to two characters, however many movies fail to do that and instead focus on the masculine figure.

Despite the women’s movement and the cries of the women before us, has society really changed? Are we still liberated or continued to be seen a trophy women working to satisfy our male counterparts? The world has tried to make advances towards us, however we are still subjects to sexual abuse, discrimination, degradation, etc.. Movies such as the one aforementioned still continue this culture in most subtle forms. We need powerful women in the Motion Picture Industries and movies that not only portray us as vulnerable, but powerful creatures with the ability of doing anything we desire. The world as yet to see the power of millions of strong women.

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