WMD: Women’s Menstrual Device

By: Hanna B.

Recently the states of Texas and North Carolina have banned the possession of women’s menstrual products such as tampons and pads inside their state senate galleries. Republican reasoning behind the ban is their fear of the tampons being used as projectile weapons by “progressive activists,” during senate proceedings. Meanwhile in Texas it is currently legal for those with a permit to carry a concealed weapon into the state senate galleries.

I can see why some slow minded individuals might confuse a tampon with a pistol: both project an object out of a hollow cylinder, but can one really mistake absorbent fibers for a bullet, or even assume the former could cause more damage than the latter?

Of course the connection must be made with Texas state senator Wendy Davis and her filibuster against a state law restricting abortion clinics. Since the inspiring battle and astonishing outcry from the people of Texas that carried the filibuster through to the next day, women and men have gathered outside of their state house, demanding their rights not be infringed upon by conservative white men. Women like Wendy, who have stood up courageously against the intimidating majority, have in return been punished through harassment and scandal by their conservative counterparts.

Though in a current state of change since the DOMA ruling that strengthened the gay rights movement nationally and the new steps towards equal pay for equal work with the Lilly Ledbetter Act, states across the country are being dragged back to the dark ages, when women acted as property and machines, designed to produce more men and milk. The work by Gloria Steinem and Kathleen Hanna are slowly dissolving due to the toxic chemical of the sexist conservative. Of course every republican male in the Texas and North Carolina senate should be afraid of assault by tampon, because they certainly deserve it.

Update: As I have written this, it seems that due to massive public attention and embarrassment, law enforcement is no longer confiscating tampons at the entrance of the Texan senate gallery. No updates have come from North Carolina. This does not mean that efforts to restrict the rights of women and their freedom of choice will end. Laws will continue to be passed to diminish the rights women have fought for generations and have never fully gained. Though living in the 21st century, old stigmas and stereotypes remain that hold every woman trapped within current social constructs.

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