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Are you a young person who is organizing around girls' rights related issues? Let us know below! If your goal is in line with our core values we will do what we can support your work.

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Promoting Girls Voices in Museums

We are Girl Museum, the first and only museum in the world dedicated to celebrating girls and girlhood. We started in 2009 as a bare-bones virtual museum and have expanded into a world-class producer of exhibitions, collaborative projects, podcasts, and other media that document, preserve, and advocate for girls’ unique culture and rights around the world. We are led by an all-volunteer Senior Staff and provide numerous internship and volunteer opportunities for girls around the world to learn, interpret, and amplify their unique history and culture in museums around the world.

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Promoting Girl Child Literacy in Africa

In Lagos Nigeria our team will be organizing a book reading for One hundred underprivileged girls in school. This book reading will be done by Young successful and professional female influencers who will also mentor our young girls. This will not only join the global conversation day of the girl but also act as a tribute to the missing Chibok girls taken by Boko haram. It would be great to discuss this further with your team.

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Sparkle Pink Club for Girls

Girls ages 3-13 meet monthly across the country and learn how to be amazing! Self-esteem, confidence and decision making are explored and help steer girls choices for a lifetime.

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STEM is for girls too

Hi, We are the Missfits, an all-female community FRC (First Robotics Competition) team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team was founded last year, and as a rookie team, we made it all the way to the Houston Half-World Championships. We participate in many community events through the year; we are on a mission to reach out and encourage underserved girls in our community (and hopefully around the world) to learn about STEM opportunities and careers and know that STEM isn’t just for boys. Thank you, FRC Team 6418, The Missfits

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Feminist.! For change the world

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As a junior at Enloe High school (North Carolina), I am determined to organize a mentoring program in order to support the cause of the Day of The Girl. After attending an enlightening boot camp at NC State University about NC policy, I realized that one of the best ways to engage girls in an empowering education is through the mentoring of peers who can help, understand, and lead by example. This formation of a mentoring organization would build relationships among females who are facing unimaginable hardships that are detrimental to their education and their future, whether it would be poverty, pregnancy, family issues, etc. I myself have found a multitude of vicissitudes throughout my education as a female and I believe it is necessary to take actions now.

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